Internet / Data

What is more critical than your WAN connection at your business?

These days, having an internet connection in your office is as important as having electricity. The staggering consolidations and evolving political landscape is dynamic. The only constant in business is change. Changing to the right carrier is just as important as the right solution. HUBCo takes much of the mystery out of budgeting for the future. We ask carriers to put forward proposals for your business before they get a seat at the table. Once at the table, we help you pick the best solution and negotiate on your behalf. Best of all, the seller pays our commissions.

How do you know if you’re getting the best deal when you don’t know what the best deal is?

Getting a new business off the ground or knowing what solution to use for internet and phone is important. Every dollar counts. You see the online specials only to find out that the price was just a come-on. Hosted phone companies are popping up like nail salons on every corner.

The adage “You get what you pay for” actually depends on who is running internet down your street. Let us explain “The Cloud” or how much bandwidth you need to run a VoIP phone system. We try to make it simple because we’ve been there.

For a number of reasons, transitioning your enterprise to another carrier or a lower-cost C-LEC is an act of faith.

Sometimes you’re chasing opportunity or breaking up an old relationship. Neither is easy to do. However, for those who seek new technological opportunity or change, the rewards can be substantial for both your company and your personal career.

HUBCo puts its reputation and accountability on the line with every new client. We realize that evaluating carrier proposals may not be your thing. We will not only find you the opportunity that you seek, we will manage every stage of the process. This is what we do every day. Best of all, the carrier pays our commissions so our service costs you nothing. Can you say the same thing about your staff?

HUBCo has over 10 years of experience managing Retail POS Refresh Projects and New Office Construction projects. Transitioning to from Retail IT Infrastructure to Retail Carrier and Telecommunications was a natural and inevitable evolution for HUBCo and its partners.

Chances are, if you are a major national retail chain located in Texas, a HUBCo Technician may very well have already services your POS or Network Equipment.