Are you considering moving to hosted Microsoft Office or Exchange? Do you need help determining if moving from on-site to hosted cloud servers makes good Business and Financial sense? Then let HUBCo help you assess your need and identify the costs associated with doing your own thing as opposed to farming out the box watching to a leveraged cloud provider.

“The Cloud” is nothing new.  Large Enterprise Operations have had it for some time.  It’s now practical for a small business to take advantage of the costs savings and services that used to only be available to large enterprises. On-site servers require costly maintenance and provide little redundancy in the event of a system failure.  Cloud Services provide:

Security Monitoring • Office 365 • 24 x 7 Support • SW as a Service • Backup Services • Redundant High – Availability

There are many options to choose from. HUBCo can guide you through the process of choosing the best Cloud Computing Services Vendor for your small business.

Enterprise cloud operations can be a rather tricky ordeal.  Enterprise Cloud Transition Projects require extensive planning and experienced execution.  IT leaders realize that Cloud is not the end-all savior for anything without the right staff to pull it off.  The challenging work that goes with transitioning mission critical systems off-site into a managed cloud service environments can be a drain on your resources.  Mitigating risks often calls for shifting to outside resources to provide guidance and direction.  Choosing the right partner can make or break a project and a career.   Let HUBCo help by bringing in the credentialed experts that have the K-Base and skills to assist you with your cloud transition.  Good planning involves using repeatable processes and experienced resources.  Using partners with the appropriate skills and experience will significantly improve your likelihood of success.  Let HUBCo lower the exposure to your back side by bringing in experts to table a solid cloud proposal for your organization.

If you could have someone there to answer these questions for you at no cost, is this a decision that you really need to spend a lot of time on? Call HUBCo Communications to schedule a meeting and get the advice you need.