About Us

HUBCo Communications, est. 2007, is a UCaaS, Cloud and IT solutions company formed by former fortune 50 IT and Telecom professionals to serve customers that are in need of a Telecom and Communication solution. We are a Unified Communications and Cloud Consulting firm. We research and design end-to-end solutions for our customers. We help you assess your business needs and respond back with a comprehensive proposal. We consult with small, medium and enterprise organizations on how to replace and implement Unified Communications (UCaaS) and WAN solutions. We have managed international and national deployments and integrate with your project teams to ensure seamless delivery of services and equipment. We understand language laws and how to integrate systems and services across multiple continents. We can propose rudimentary cost-effective solutions that improve how you are doing business while watching the bottom line. We build environments that foster visual, audio and collaborate communications across multiple platforms. By giving our customers choice and comparative alternatives, we help you choose the communication solution that suites your business. This is where new businesses will be in the next generation of IT and Telecom. This is where HUBCo will be for our customers as we continue to help them stay relevant in their respective markets.